Monday, 31 May 2010

7 Exciting Love Making Tips For Men

If you are reading this, you are looking for some great love making tips. So let's get into them right away, without breaking a sweat.

1. Keep clean. Women love a neat and clean male body. So take care of the sweat in your armpits and also keep the stubble to a minimum. It is a wonderful idea to have a shower before the act and to use some fragrant body gel. It sets the mood for her.

2. It is a good idea to keep yourself shaved down under. Remove all that pubic hair or at least trim it. Many a man has lost a chance of getting good oral sex because of all the fuzz there.

3. There are several erogenous zones of a woman's body that you should be aware of. These are like buttons that can send a surge of excitement coursing through their bodies. You could try nibbling at the nape of their neck, in the area just below their earlobes. Very few women can resist that. Another highly erogenous zone is the inside of her thighs. Caress her there with your hands. You can see the anticipating building in her when she breaks out into hollow, quick breaths.

4. Appreciate her in words and in deeds. Praise the way she looks when she gets naked. This will boost her self-confidence and help her come out of her inhibitions. Making moaning and sighing sounds as you are feeling her is a great idea as well. She gets empowered thinking of the control she's having over you.

5. Let her use her hands on you. She will want to touch your body in all places and play with you. Enjoy it. Do the same to her. Don't just focus on the vital parts.

6. Get naked for her. Many men don't bother removing all their clothes and just want to see their women naked. This isn't a good thing. You need to turn the woman on as well. It could be perfect if you could give her a striptease, the same that you might be expecting from her.

7. Most of all, have fun. Don't grimace when having sex. It sends out a very negative vibe. Your expression should reveal that you are enjoying yourself immensely.

Try this love making tips tonight. You will see the difference yourself.

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Satisfying Sex Technique Proven to Enhance Your Love Making Skills!

If you're seriously interested in enhancing your love making skills and giving the woman that you are with the most mind boggling orgasms that you can begin to imagine, then you are definitely going to want to continue reading this.

In this article, you will discover one of the most satisfying sex techniques that's been proven to enhance your love making skills and have the woman that you are with begging you for more each and every night.

Satisfying Sex Technique Proven to Enhance Your Love Making Skills!

Oftentimes the real secret to enhancing your love making skills is by simply being willing to do things that will make the woman that you are with say "How and Why in the world did he think of that?" followed by her immediately saying "I can't believe how much I like this!"

That's why this really satisfying sex technique begins with you kissing and caressing her armpits. Believe it or not the armpits are really sensitive to touch and with a willing and open partner can be highly arousing when you begin to kiss, lick, and caress her underarms. Of course, before beginning to make love to her underarms make sure that she isn't wearing any antiperspirant or deodorant. In fact, a great way to make sure she isn't without having to ask and getting her mind wondering why you want to know, is by starting off the whole event by taking a shower together.

Once you have finished making love to her underarms odds are pretty high that you both are going to be ready for some more physical activities which means now is the perfect time to change it up and begin engaging in the "Victory" sex position. The Victory sex position is pretty much your standard Missionary position but with her legs extended straight out so that they form a "V" shape toward the ceiling.

Now for the surprise, while the sex technique above is one in which any woman will find extremely satisfying to bring her even more pleasure you will want to apply a high quality female stimulating gel (that contains L-Arginine in it) underneath the hood of her clitoris before getting into the "Victory" sex position.

In the end, when you let go of your need to get it right and simply begin to enjoy the lovemaking process you will be pleasantly surprised at how enhanced your love making skills become as well as your ability to make her orgasm whenever and wherever you want.

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